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Sports Performance in Rocky Hill

At Trilogy Health & Performance, we’re passionate about helping athletes recover after injury, improve performance and minimize the risk of future injury. With our neurological focus, we help you reestablish healthy movement patterns based on your specific situation and your sport.

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Restoring Messages

Every time the body moves, it does so by receiving messages from the brain through many different neurological pathways. If any of these pathways becomes dysfunctional or insufficient somewhere along the way, the movements we tell our body to perform won’t be as strong and precise as we would like them to be.

The way we strengthen these areas is the same way we strengthen any muscle in the body, by performing specific exercises that target the weak areas and providing them with the nutrients they need to grow. Implementing the approach of functional neurology with chiropractic care allows us to improve these pathways from beginning to end by addressing the body, the brain and the communication between the two.

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Our Sport-Specific Approach

We begin with functional movement screening, which is specific to your sport—meaning a baseball player will have a different approach than a soccer player, for example. We utilize RightEye, a computerized neurological performance test to see where brain-to-body communication may be compromised.

Based on your assessments, we will develop highly precise exercises to help address different muscle imbalances. By breaking down the underlying cause of the weakness, we are able to create a plan to improve your performance. Unlike typical rehab programs that simply focus on strength training and explosive exercises, we focus beyond the musculoskeletal aspect to include the neurological component of your movement deficit.

If chiropractic care or soft tissue work can benefit you, we’ll explain how. We can also provide nutritional counseling, if desired.

Your Individual Journey—Start Today!

In order to reestablish healthy movement patterns, repetition is important. Initially, we’ll want to see you two times a week. Then we’ll reduce the frequency as you progress on your journey to optimal performance.

Contact us today to schedule your first visit. We look forward to welcoming you!

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