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Meet the Team at Trilogy Health & Performance


Dr. Ariana D’Aurio DC. MSACN. FIBFN 

Dr. Ariana’s mother was a chiropractor, so the idea of natural healthcare was something her family always embraced. Nevertheless, Dr. Ari struggled with many health issues ranging from hormonal imbalances to severe concussions that led her to visit many specialists over the years.

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JarodPicBoardDr. Jarod Balog DC. BSBC

Dr. Jarod found his passion for health care through his pursuit of athletic achievement. With roots in Canada, he credits chiropractic care with keeping him healthy while playing hockey. He discovered an essential foundation to care is “movement medicine”. Applying this to various neurological and physical techniques allows him to guide his patients to pain relief and increased performance.



Greg Lunski

Lunski has a keen eye to the movement patterns even athletes may not notice. The individual fitness resume, goals, abilities, and previous injuries are considered when designing and implementing a comprehensive customized program. Greg believes people should enjoy an active lifestyle past middle age with a more resilient mobile body for a quality of life into longevity.

Garret Serven LMT. NMR. NASM CES

Garret Serven is a licensed massage therapist specializing in pain relief and neuromuscular techniques designed to permanently correct chronic issues and dysfunction in the body. With over a decade of experience working with everyone from professional athletes to office workers, he has an extensive toolbox of techniques for whatever your issue may be.


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