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Nutritional Counseling in Rocky Hill

In the quest for optimal health and performance, nutrition can’t be overlooked. At Trilogy Health & Performance, we are passionate about educating our patients about the importance of nutrition—and small changes that can make a big difference!

preparing healthy food

Food as Medicine

We’re not about a particular diet or being a certain weight. Instead, Dr. Ari helps chiropractic patients understand that food can be medicine. We recommend getting your nutrients from food, and we’ll talk with you about small changes you can make, like eliminating a specific food or adding something that your body is lacking.

With these small changes, many patients notice a variety of health issues beginning to clear up.

These types of conversations are included in your normal chiropractic visits.


Chiropractic Care and Nutrition—A Power Couple!

There’s a simple reason that Dr. Ari discusses nutrition with our chiropractic patients: without proper fuel, your body will not be able to achieve optimal wellness. Your chiropractic adjustments help restore proper movement patterns to your body and improve communication between your brain and body. But eating foods that are toxic or not eating foods that your body needs can create inflammation that interferes with your nervous system’s ability to function correctly.

Chiropractic care alone is great, and eating well alone is great—but when you put them together, you give your body more of what it needs to reset and heal itself from the inside out.

Addressing Specific Concerns

If you have a specific goal, whether in terms of weight or a particular health concern, Dr. Ari will want to work more in-depth to help you identify your nutritional needs and create a customized plan to help you achieve your goals.

These more in-depth nutritional sessions are separate from your chiropractic adjustment appointments and have an additional fee.

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